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LeBron James Wears See Ya Shades on the Cover of ESPN Magazine

Absolutely INCREDIBLE!

We did it again! We are #MakingHistory with the help of the #KingofChamps.

LeBron James #KingJames is wearing our trademarked #Champs Shades on the cover of ESPN’s magazine @ESPNMAG, available Oct. 28.


The October issue introduced a different style as the FIRST issue dedicated entirely to ONE NBA player. Seeing the four-time NBA #MVP wearing our #CustomizedSunglasses is an exceptional compliment to our work.

This is our #design and our #creativity at its peak. We always appreciate and cherish every acknowledgement we receive and this is definitely one for the books! We are very fortunate to have extraordinarily influential people who support and love our work.

Chris #Bosh was the first to appear on media outlets from all over the world when the #MiamiHeat won the 2012 NBA Championship. His remark, “READ MY FACE!” while pointing to his #FirstEdition Champs Shades is an unforgettable part of NBA history.

The Champs design was inspired by our eagerness to show support and exude victory for our home team.

For the 2013 Championship, we designed the #SecondEdition of Champs Shades, which have come to acquire a league of their own. With players like Chris Bosh, Chris Andersen and LeBron James using the shades to visibly flaunt and sanction who the real champs are, “Read My Face” took it to the COVER of ESPN magazine to show the world who the two-time defending CHAMPS are!

IMG_0322IMG_2332NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Miami Heat

We are blessed and honored to have the opportunity to create, make an impact and leave our mark in history with all of our products.

Everything we have created for all of our clients-international to the local community-whether it be for the Miami Heat or Ultra Music Festival is overly anticipated and looked for. See Ya PR has something for everyone; our merch is hot! So hot, that it’s #WhiteHot!

Special thanks to #LeBronJames for being who he is: down to earth, creatively witty and having fun with it!

Get Champs Shades ONLY at the Miami Heat store located inside the American Airlines Arena.


Written and edited by:

Alicia Sandino & Nathalie Maass.


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